Welcome to the Digital City Lab!

The Digital City Lab is unfolding the complexity of urban systems for research, innovation, and applications. We leverage big urban data and cutting-edge machine learning, AI, and network analysis techniques to make our cities smarter, more efficient, sustainable, resilient – better places to live in.

We work on the Urban Data Engine and Urban Artificial Intelligence for pattern detection and modeling of urban activity with application to smart urban planning, smart transportation and energy, social and mobility network analysis, etc. It will use a novel fusion of network science and deep learning techniques to address dimensionality and complexity of multi-layered interconnected big spatio-temporal data and will explore a broad range of smart city applications in transportation, energy, urban planning, infrastructure, quantitative social science, urban sensing, urban natural language processing, etc.

The lab works in close cooperation with the Urban Complexity Lab at New York University's Center For Urban Science + Progress. Our team consists of scholars of diverse backgrounds ranging from mathematics, computer science, engineering, transportation, information technology. We are always looking for other talented and motivated Ph.D. students and researchers at different carrier stages – please find our job opening under the following link:

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